meda121 ‘The Uncanny’

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Delving into the realm of the uncanny can be an uncomfortable journey, one has to attempt to observe the world from a different perspective. Viewing certain situations through the eye of a camera lens can alter what we perceive to be normal.

Initially, I was appealed by the eyes of human beings and what could be done with them to become more disturbing. The first two images play with this idea, a long exposure capturing a portrait with everything stationary except for movement of the windows to the soul.

Surroundings and nature create unsettling and disturbing feelings all the time, is this because of what one has experienced or seen before? Most likely. But, taking away the context of the area can also produce a set of peculiar images.

Lastly, the feeling of entrapment is encapsulated in these final images. I attempted to reach out to the audience and make them feel uneasy with what they were being presented. These two images required a lot of messing around with the camera.

The only post production editing done was cropping, otherwise, all images are presented as they were shot.