The Podcasting Revolution

The Podcasting Revolution

­­­Nearly two decades old this previously niche platform has transcended many other forms of storytelling and journalism to become a flourishing self-contained industry.

In late 2014 American journalist Sarah Koenig released the podcast series ‘Serial’ which redefined the podcasting medium, by combining professional journalism and an invigorating story arch rivalled only by a HBO television series. The Hollywood Reporter coined this ‘The Serial Effect’.

Serial series one revolves around a murder case from Baltimore Maryland between the years 1999 and 2000. Koenig believes the convicted Adnan Syed has a story to tell and may be innocent of the crime, so she begins to investigate and take on an ulterior perspective to attempt to make sense of the sentence. After completion of the series the stir that it created was enough for Syed to earn a retrial that is still yet to happen (as of 2016).

If you haven’t checked out ‘Serial’ you can at this link.

After decades of visual medium progression, the simplest expression of creativity is back. The renaissance of audio journalism and story-telling is here.

What has caused this affluential return?

Quality podcasts, such as Serial, are definitely a contributing factor to the resurgence but there are a few other points to take into consideration. Including longevity, accessibility and the affordability.

I’m going to start this by quoting my father, “My family used to sit around and listen to stories on the radio and now 50 years later we are doing it again!”. My Dad couldn’t believe the similarities to what we are doing on our car trip in 2016 to what he did in his old family lounge room in 1960. The quality in recent podcasts is substantial enough to rival big budget television series’. Also the variability in new age podcasts means anything and everything can be spoken about! In one day I can listen to stories of true crime from history in Sword and Scale, to a comedic real life situation of someone’s dad wrote a pornographic novel in (the aptly titled) My Dad Wrote a Porno.

Everyone has the world at their fingertips, we are always seeking information and entertainment. The availability and accessibility of new age podcasts is incredible within a few minutes you can have several audio files downloaded and ready to play. In this regard keeping up with current events is easy, if you don’t have time to read or watch the news, you can listen to it anywhere and while you complete other activities.

We all want this continuous stream of information but as it become easier to source the price must go down. Podcasts are mostly entirely free with the producers making their earnings off of advertisers in relation to how many users stream their show. Not only is it inexpensive for the listeners the creators do not have many additional costs other than the usual startup fees.

Observing these key motives it is easy to see why a greater number of people are producing and consuming podcasts across the globe. There is an every increasing demand for current news and information, the populace feel the need to know be educated about world events and a simple, effective and cultivated medium for this is the industry of podcasting.





What is Hidden – JRNL102



On October 9th 2016 Sydneysiders of varying ages hit the streets to protest the incessant lockout laws. Proving once again that the policy is widely denounced by a substantial and vocal portion of the community.

The protest began in Belmore Park and as the day progressed the punters made their way up Oxford Street to Taylor Square where there were speeches and live performances aplenty. The sea of protestors in Taylor Square wanted their voices to be heard as well as their placards seen, some interesting interpretations of the NSW Premier Mike Baird were evident.


The Keep Sydney Open organiser Tyson Koh spoke to the revved up crowd, detailing the effects the lockouts have had on the local economy as well as the once late night bustling city.  Koh said, “there is so much talent, and that’s what breaks my heart…

Music, it happens in the bedrooms, but it also happens in venues as well. And when you kill off the vibrancy that means that a venue of 50 or 60 people has to close, it means that the people who are just starting out their careers have no place to play or perform in front of a crowd.

Because these spaces are vital. It is where we fall in love, it is where we listen to undiscovered talent. These places are incubators, and at every single level up the chain, whether that’s a 100-person venue, a 200, 400-person venue… or an arena, this does not happen when you kill off the grassroots level of our city or our society.”

Koh also called out the Premier and wants him to recognise the detrimental effects the lockout laws are having on businesses.

With a bit of hope and a lot more momentum these rallies could see a change in the near future.




The Media Industries

The Media Industries

Scroll, scroll, scroll, and scroll again…

The new age of media is upon us and it comes in the form of little boxes which you can choose to like, ignore or comment on. Sounds farfetched, right? Well not really anymore, but 10 years ago definitely.

For me, I don’t have much of a clue about who really owns Instagram and yet I use it sometimes… okay a lot of the time…

Alright! Every spare minute I have.

Seriously, you don’t really realise how often you are on these “social” pages until you are without your smartphone when going somewhere.

Doctors waiting room? Better check my followers. Just finished work? Gotta check who’s liked my post. Leaving a funeral? Whats the new trending hashtag. Maybe an over-exaggeration, but it’s still quite terrifying how many hours I, and many others, put into these online personas. But we are the creators and artists behind this media platform without us there is no “social”. 


Sponsored links are becoming more prominent amongst my Instagram feed, and it seems to be following the same trend as Facebook, with its astounding 75 million active users per day surely there is a better way to gain profit. Alas, we are stingy and do not want to pay for a service we have enjoyed for free for so long.

I’m not sure where Instagram will end up in the future but if it follows the same trends as Facebook I believe it will experience a steady decline in the years to come.





Media Texts

Media Texts

Every minute we constantly perceive then distinguish everything that we look at, almost always subconsciously. Usually all of this is completely decipherable, however, these are day to day items we know. Art, in particular, street art is a way to express yourself, or represent something to the audience in a creative fashion. One of the most prominent social commentaries in the world right now is street artist(s) Banksy. (For my own sake I will refer to Banksy as a he from now on). The cover sheet for this blog is arguably Banksy’s most renowned, a satirical piece that plays on violence and riots present at the time of creation.


Banksy is famous for lampooning the very audience that he is supposed to be appealing to, but it works; in a strange uneasy and yet satisfying way.

The piece ‘Mobile Lovers’ (left) is one that appeared in Bristol, UK, on the 14th of April 2014. Banksy posted an image of the artwork on his website and allowed his loyal followers to perform a treasure hunt of sorts, a day later the piece was discovered.

A man and a woman embracing each other tightly, their faces gleam manifesting the love and compassion for one another. However, that light is produced by their smartphones situated directly behind each mobile lovers head. Feelings of evil, mystery and extreme negativity are conveyed through the dead black backdrop.While, the white faces of the individuals represent innocence, although it is illuminated artificially so it could be deemed fraudulent. The phones, the major icon evident here, are almost sucking the very life from the individuals.


Banksy’s work relies heavily on social commentary and without the surrounding social circumstances it is nearly impossible to understand. The ‘Mobile Lovers’ piece works because every smart phone using individual has felt controlled by it at one point or another. The work is also a comment on itself, where Banksy relies on technology to display and spread his art to a wider audience.

This piece is a frightening reenactment of what 21st century romance has become, a swirling spiral of imaginary social perception swallowing non-fictional passion.




Media Anxities

Media Anxities

Growing up in the 90’s I was surrounded by Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson wannabes, the classic shenanigans of The Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo, and the wit of Seinfeld that taught me life lessons. By the late 90’s most kids wanted to be rappers and gangsters like my main men Eminem and Dr. Dre. Popular culture developed in an exciting and frightening way. Children weren’t playing outside anymore and one major reason for that was the development, distribution and increasing popularity of video games.

Since I can remember I have played video games. When I was about my 5 my parents bought my brother and I a Playstation 1, we loved that console and it definitely brought us closer together. Our parents had no problem with us going to the video store (unsupervised), borrowing games and playing them for hours on end. Until, when I was around 10 years old; my brother convinced my mother to buy us a little game called Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The 7th instalment in the infamously known series has the player play as a gangbanger living in a sensationalised version of America which is full of: car chases, prostitutes, drugs, murder and plenty of curse words. Even though the game was listed as R18+, my parents did not expect such explicitness to be readily available. My parents ended up restricting how often we could play this game, of course this was happening all over the world and still is today.

The multiplying popularity surrounding this brutal franchise has sparked many debates regarding the graphic violence involved, accessibility and target demographic. There is a whole generation out there who grew up surrounded by this ’empire’ and have eagerly awaited each next instalment and know exactly what vulgarity can be expected. However, there is also a new generation of gamers (and parents) who may be oblivious to the stigma accompanying the brand. I mean it is one of the best selling game series’ of all time with an altogether 114,000,000 units being sold as of May 2015.

There is good reason to be scared of emerging popular cultures especially if they are new, exciting and jeopardy is present. This has happened right the way through history, something is introduced and completely flips our perceptions and ideologies on its head. I have gamed my entire life and have never thought to murder or commit any crime, because I can do that in a gaming format! However, it is up to individuals, parents and the distributors to educate everyone involved and attempt to not drastically alter our lives.

About Me

About Me

Welcome to my WordPress. There are many like it but this one is mine. My WordPress is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without memy WordPress is useless. Without my WordPress, I am useless.

Full Metal Jacket quotes aside; this is how I have felt being pressured into using this form of media, nevertheless, I will persevere.

My name is Gus. I am a 21-year-old male, studying a Bachelor of Journalism at University of Wollongong. My interests include:

  • Movies & Tv
  • A smorgasbord of music
  • Photography (digital & film)
  • Surfing
  • Skateboarding

I am here for the same reason any other student is studying; to gain a better understanding of a particular area they are interested in and to hopefully obtain a job in that field.

meda121 ‘The Uncanny’

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Delving into the realm of the uncanny can be an uncomfortable journey, one has to attempt to observe the world from a different perspective. Viewing certain situations through the eye of a camera lens can alter what we perceive to be normal.

Initially, I was appealed by the eyes of human beings and what could be done with them to become more disturbing. The first two images play with this idea, a long exposure capturing a portrait with everything stationary except for movement of the windows to the soul.

Surroundings and nature create unsettling and disturbing feelings all the time, is this because of what one has experienced or seen before? Most likely. But, taking away the context of the area can also produce a set of peculiar images.

Lastly, the feeling of entrapment is encapsulated in these final images. I attempted to reach out to the audience and make them feel uneasy with what they were being presented. These two images required a lot of messing around with the camera.

The only post production editing done was cropping, otherwise, all images are presented as they were shot.